The command line parameters will consist of a DNS command and then a number of IP-URI string pairs, the dns command is always a single letter followed by a search string. A string pairs is always ip address then uri which must be placed in the dns store.
these are the two command i need to come up with:-
U ip_address : find the IP address ip_address in the link list and
print out the matching URI.
I uri_name : search the link list for the URI given and print out
the matching IP address.

If the search does not find a match output the string "nil".

for error checking :-
Error checking is not an aim in this lab and so do not do any error
checking. For example assume that-
- all parameters can be treated as strings, don't check for
the correct formation of IP addresses or URIs.
- there will always be a string pair or URI and IP in the right order.
- the command will always be U or I with a search string following.
- there could be anywhere from zero to 20 string pairs
(hint: use argc to work it out).

* The C++ string class "string" must not be used.
The C string routines such as strcmp must used.

* The program must create dynamic copies of the struct below and
use pointers to links these structs together. The IP-URI information
must be placed in this structure and all searching must use this
The tutors will check every program by eye to ensure this is
the solution method used.
I just need a start.

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int main(int argc, char *argv[]){

   char *dns = argv[1];
   for(int i = 2; i < argc; i ++){
      char *IP_URI_pair = argv[i];
      // do something with the IP_URI_pair and the dns...

   return 0;

what should i do? create an array and attach it to it? please explain!!!


what should i do? create an array and attach it to it? please explain!!!

attach it to what exactly? I would say that you have more info/background on what your teacher wants you to do than I have.

I've probably given the wrong code before. This is because I don't know the commandline format. I assumed:

dns_search.exe U ip-uri ip-uri ip-uri ...

but on reading again it looks like it might be

dns_search.exe I uri ip uri ip uri ip uri ...
dns_search.exe U ip ip uri ip uri ...

in which case the code I should have posted before would be:

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){

   char *command = argv[1];
   char *searchVar = argv[2];

   for(int i = 3; i < argc; i += 2){
      char *ip = argv[i];         // this is one of the ip's from the commandline
      char *uri = argv[i+1];    // this is one of the uri's from the commandline
      // do something with the ip - uri pair and the command and searchVar here...

   return 0;

I just need a start.

And I believe this is what I have given.


okay i understand now, i have gave it a shot but i am kinda stuck
here is what i have done

struct str_pair

char ip [50];

char uri [50];

str_pair *next;


str_pair *str_ptr;// pointer to an order struct,

str_pair *list_head;// points to nothing initially.

int main(int argc, char *argv[])


if (argc == 1)

cout << "my name"<<endl;


//--- initialize link list to empty.

list_head = NULL;// can test for NULL to see if anything is there.

//str_ptr = new str_pair;
//--- Create data at run time on the heap.

for (int i=0; i<argc ; i++)
str_ptr = list_head; // save old head of list.
list_head = new str_pair; // create new item.
list_head->next= str_ptr; // get next item to point to previous head.
list_head->next =i;



what i need to know is how to introduce my uri and ip address and how do i attach them to the pointer? or maybe just hints

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