Hello All,

I am trying to write a program that gets input from a USB Tv Tuner and records/captures images for further analysis. Could someone point me in the right direction and tell me what I need to do to enable my program to read in from a USB port (ie Tv Tuner) ?


You would need the SDK from the manufacturer of the USB-tuner. But somehow I don't think they'll give them to you. But you can always try!

hmm.. what do i do if I cant get the SDK? is there any basic USB stuff I can implement?

Yes and no.
You can open a USB port to read data from it (not very easy though) but you wouldn't know how the data was send to the PC.

What format does the sound have (wav/raw/compressed/etc)
Are there checksums?
Is the data encrypted?

So without the help of the manufacturer, it would be almost impossible if you're not a *great* hacker...

Well. I did download this program called DScaler and it works with my brand of USb Tv Tuner, thus as a third-party was able to make an entire software that uses all functionality of a USB Tv Tuner without a SDK from its manufacturer I thought there must be key basic stuff that works through C++ and which is infact all i need.

All I need is to a) open a USB Port.
b) Read data and c) store it.

The data comes in as a video stream (i think its compressed)

any advice as to what to do next?

Thanks for those links.
the second link was really helpful in understanding how stuff works theoretically
but both the first and the second links take me to projects/information that is beyond the scope of what i am trying to do :)

is there some place online that just explains the basic programming required to open USB ports?

ok i got somewhere now

i shifted to java and got myself jusb library.. using which i have now established a link with the usb tv tuner.. what do i do to get the tv tuner to dump some input for me?

Do i need an API here?

If so, i have an API that works (its an opensource program called DScaler which works well with my tv tuner). Im guessing the api from this can help, but this program has like 300 files of coding. Is there no way other way other than reading through all those files to figure out how to get the Tv tuner to do what i want it to?

any help will be greatly appreciated.