Hi all,
I am new to Programming,can anyone guide me how to go about this senario,
The requirement is like this,
In a System there are 8 faults as below,
Fault -Fault Code-Description
INF1-26-unknown Drive rating
INF2-27-for Unknown or Incompatible Power Board
INF3-28-ISL communication Fault with Power Board
INF4-29-Invalid Industrialization Zone
INF9-51-Current Measurement Circuit Failure
INFB-53-Thermal Sensor Failure (OC or SC)
INFE-69-CPU failure
NOM-0-No Internal Fault
How can i display the fault and the corresponding code.


You'll have to give a bit more information.
What is your program's input? The Fault?
How do you get the input, keyboard/file/socket/other
What have you tried so far?

Hii niek 1st of all thanks for your reply,
Well i just elaborate the problem,
totally there are 8 faults in a system
at a time one can occur.
I want to type each fault and the corresponding code for it.

So you type in a Fault(code) and you want the program to respond with the description right?

Not exactly...
Whenever the fault occur..say Fault 1 occurs in a system ,my application should display the Fault name and its code.

Ok.. But how do you know when a fault occurred? Does the system write to a file, a socket a pipe, a..... ?

When a fault occur,the system displays a fault code,by which user can identify the type of fault.