I can't figure out why this won't exit when quit is entered.

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;

public class Trial

    static final String ADD_COMMAND = "add";
    static final String REMOVE_COMMAND = "remove";
    static final String QUIT_COMMAND = "quit";
    static final String PRINT_COMMAND = "print";
     // Create a single shared BufferedReader for keyboard input
        private static BufferedReader stdin = 
            new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader( System.in ) );

        // Program execution starts here
        public static void main ( String [] args ) throws IOException
            // Prompt the user
               System.out.print( "Type some data for the program: " );
            String input = "";
            while(input != "quit")

            // Read a line of text from the user.
             input = stdin.readLine();

            // Display the input back to the user.
            System.out.println( "input = " + input );

         } // end main method

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One question though. Are they any no no's about not using input.equals() or !input.equals() in such a thing.

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