Hello, this is a real simple question, but i have a problem. I am trying to make my Video.cs form to show up when the menustrip is clicked from the MainForm. I double click the menu strip item to put in the code.

Do I put in the name of the form as in the Solution's Explorer or the name in the properties???


When you double click the toolstripitem the IDE will create the evet handler. You want to know what to put in this new section of code.

Video video = new Video();

Typically your Video.cs file would contain the default Video Class. If you changed the name of the class in this file, then you would need to use the new name. If you changed the name of the file, then open the file and see what the name of the class is.
example, if it is like this, then use Video..., actually whatever the name is after the word "class" is what you want to use.

public partial class Video : Form

// Jerry

The thing is, when I type in the name of the class in my MainForm to make the VideoForm show up, it doesn't recognize the class.

There is the blue swiggly lines underneath it. But when I put in my aboutbox1, it recognizes it... I'm not sure how to fix this.

Thanks again

Video video = new Video();

The code in green color means the name of the class or your form... got it?


If you are still having a problem, the post the first few lines of your Vidoe.cs file to this message board. The line that includes the word "class".