I posted this in the computer and science forum, and i believe it should be here, and with no one saying anything I am afraid I posted in the wrong place so here goes again.
I am having issues with an assignment, I am lost as how to do a flow chart. I really have no clue what I am supposed to do, I have the IPO done thogh I am not real sure it is all correct and since I had issues with the Inputs and Outputs not being correct in my last assignment. I also have the Hierarchy chart complete, which I know is ok.
I am wondering how I get my information in my Flowchart, what I mean is where does the information come from for the chart?
This is my Inputs:
1. Menu of Currency
2. Select Currency
3. Foreign Currency amount to convert

1. Menu
2.Foreign Currency Selected
3. Amount in Us Dollars
4.Amount in foreign currency and in US dollars

Display Menu
Get Foreign Value
Convert Currency
Display Results
Please someone help me, I want to understand this, but sadly I am lost. I am attaching what I have so far.

I have my flowchart done, but now I am confused on how to begin my pseudocode. I get the main module, but I am unsure if I am supplsed to continue with the input data module or use the modules off my flowchart instead.

Your pseudo-code should follow your flow chart, and add some more detail.

Flow chart = chapter headings
Pseudo-code = paragraph headings
Code = the text

You should be able to make a clear progression from one step to the next. If you can't, then something has gone wrong earlier in the process.

Here is what I think It should look like:
Main Module
Declare Currency Type as Interger
Delcare Foreign Currency as Real
Declare US Dollar as real
Call Display Menu Module
Call Get Foregin Currency Value Module
Call Convert Currency Module
Call Display Results Module
End Main Module
Display Menu Module
Display "Currency Converter"
Display "Select a Currency"
Display"1 Canadian Dollars"
Dispaly "2 Mexican Pesos"
Display "3 English Pounds"
Display "4 Japanese Yen"
Display "5 French Francs"
Display "6 Done"
Input Foreign Currency Type
if Foreign currency type <= 5 continue to Calculate Rate
display "invalid Data Type Please Select again"
End if
End Display Menu Module
Get Foreign Currency Value Module
Display " Enter a Currency value (0-100,000)"
Input Foreign Currency value
if Foreign Currency Value <0 or Foreign Currency Value >100,000
Else Display "Invalid Entery, Please try again"
End Get Foregin Currency Value Module
Convert Currency Module
Select Foreign Currency Type
Set Rate=1.14680
Set Rate=9.5085
Set Rate=.8085
Set Rate= 104.9
Set Rate=6.2561
US Dollar Value=Foreign Currency Value*Rate
End Convert Currency
Display Results
Declare Currency as String
Display" The Value of Foreign Currency Value" is "US Dollar Value" "Dollars"
End Display Results

That doesn't seem too unreasonable, though I haven't seen the flowcharts.

Is the code the next step?

Yes, I turned it in last night. I hope I did not mess it up to much or I will drop below a B. Thanks for the help.

Well I bomded, I made a 63. Man I did not do any loops, and my flow chart was messed up. Here is my stuff, if anyone can look at it and offer some advise I would appricate it.

I have a final on this exact thing in the am! Oh well, google on...