Hi there,

is it possible that the args of the OnStart method of the service be passed by reference,
more explanation:
the main goal is to:
start my service from another program, and I need the caller program(which starts the service) to be able to interact with the service( to get a value from the service) ,
and the caller program is written in another language

so I was thinking about passing by reference , but I got a lot of problems ,
is it possible to really pass by reference so the calling program can retrieve the args , if not how could the service interact with its starter (values in the service could be used in the caller)

I hope I made myself clear
and urgent help is appreciated ,
thanks a lot,

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Edward handles the interaction of services and external programs by using XML files. The external program writes an XML file with all of the information the service needs, and the service reads the XML file to retrieve the information.

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