I have 2 integers x and y, now I want to read them from the user and the syntax kick me down, I guess u can only read string from the user according to C# syntax rule, I have tried many combinations but none of them are working, so now I want to know how to static cast string to integer coz I have declared those integers as strings and I have to make some calculations which I cant with strings

Lastly I came up with something like string x, y so I wana type cast them to integers so that I can be able to make those calculation..... any help would be highly appreciated.

Note: Im a novice to C#, and am trying to learn it on my own.... And please dont refer me to some other threads or sites, only one line of code would be sufficient

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Hi there Traicey :)

Give this a try:

string x = "";    
int parsex = Int32.Parse(x);


string x = "";
int ConvertedIx = Convert.ToInt32(x);

Hope this helps!


I have something like this string x = Console.ReadLine(); and again I have tried int j = int32.Parse(x) and now I have this code int j = Convert.ToInt32(x) so now the problem is when Im trying to execute this statement result = x - y; I got this error '-' cannot be applied to operand of type string and string, And believe me I dont know why its not working really, seems as if it is ignoring all the conversion and focus on the declaration..... 1st I tried to declare my variables as integers and they told me I cant read integer from the user and now I try to type cast it but hey


Hey.... I got it right man, I was just being stubborn, adopting donkey mentality, I guess I was too tired, Thanx a lot hey :)

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