I wish to delete the last three lines of a file iteratively. I tried this in unix shell scripting but it is not working..

lines=$(wc -l < s27.cnf)
sed '$target,$lines d' s27.cnf > f2.cnf
mv f2.cnf s27.cnf

I am getting an error "sed: 1: "$target,$lines d": undefined label 'arget,$lines d'
So was not sure what to use.

I would appreciate help on this.

Single quotes disable substitution, so perhaps

sed "$target,$lines d" s27.cnf > f2.cnf
sed $target','$lines' d' s27.cnf > f2.cnf

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You can also do it this way

sed -e :a -e '$d;N;2,3ba' -e 'P;D' s27.cnf >f2.cnf

Just change the 3 to hower many lines you want to delete from the bottom

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Thanks...it worked...

I appreciate the help

Your welcome, of course :)

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