In Xp... I want to access start->run through programatically

like when click start ->run-> //

how i access this run through c???

// /c/abc.exe

This is ip address of machine which is in Lan..
Not webside address....

One of the computers on my lan is named Victor. This works

system("dir \\\\Victor\\SharedDocs");

So I suppose you could do this


Yes yes he's right. It should work.

This gives error c:/abc.exe is Not recognized

does abc.exe exist in that directory? And do you have execute permission there?

>> C:/abc.exe is Not recognized

I guess you should use backward slash '\'

Yes abc.exe in this path\\c\\abc.exe ..I share c: of that machine .....

Never use system() in Win32. It's horrible and not professional.
Use Net apis or Shell apis to emulate IE.