I am new to java coding.I m struggling to make a below project. Can u plz. help on this project.

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This System is mainly used by Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists, and any medical professional.
Medical Professionals use photos on a daily basis in the practice of medicine. Many times they
run into a complicated patient and need to refer them to another colleague or specialist. A nice
way to get a second opinion is through photos. But then they have to take photo’s print them out
and mail them. Or you can email them to an intended specialist but this can pose serious privacy
issues and can be time consuming. This system is to solve this problem. i.e., to make it easy for
anyone to take photos, upload them to a web page that is secure and then simply email the link
to anyone. The intended referral can then view the pictures and enter comments at the end of
the page, which are then emailed to the user. This can save valuable time and money and is much
easier on patients that have very limited resources.

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Start working on it. We are not here to do it for you.

thank you for your reply.give me support to analysing and designing the project.i can code it.


Design your database first and then design java gui to provide various options which will basically either update or retrive data from your database. Nice homework.


Nice homework.

To be fair I would not be suprice if that is real job, my friend work for company that deals with dentists and they provide similar service...


> I am new to java coding.I m struggling to make a below project. Can u plz. help on this
> project.

Grab hold of a copy of "Sun's J2EE 1.4 (1.5) Tutorial" freely available online which hosts some sample projects along with a well detailed implementation.

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