im new in c++ language, and im take project as follow:

write a c++ program that take compressed file as input and generate a reproduction of the original uncompressed file contain no digit characters as output, such that:

1- assume that no word contains more than 50 characters and that the original uncompressed file contain no digits characters>

2- the compressed schema, requieres making an array of strings in the uncompressed file,when a non alphabetic charachter is encountered in the uncompressed file, it is copied directly into the compressed file.

3- when a word is encounterd in the uncompressed file>

a) it is copied directly into the compressed file only if this is the first occurrence of the word.

b) if it is not the first occurence, the word is not copied to the compressed file
c) insted its position is copied into the compressed file>

4- the words are case-sensitive; the word abc is not the same as the word Abc
5- there is no upper limit on the number of different words in the input file.
the end of the input file is signified by the number 0 on a line by itself.
the terminating 0 merely indicates the end of input and should not be part of the output produced by your program.


x-ray contains 2 words: x and ray
it's a winner contains 4 words: is and s and a and winner>