int main()
int antal_sekunder=9;
double minuttakst=0.019000;
int takst_enhed=60;

double   antal_minutter, beloeb, beloeb1;
    antal_minutter = (double)antal_sekunder / (double)takst_enhed;
    beloeb1 = ((antal_minutter * minuttakst) * 10000.0) + 0.5 ; //This is used for rounding up to 4 decimals. 

    printf("\n beloeb1 = %lf", beloeb1);
    printf("\n (long)beloeb1 = %ld",(long) beloeb1);
beloeb1 = beloeb1/10000.0;
    printf("\n beloeb1 = %lf", beloeb1);

return 0;

beloeb1 = 29.000000
(long)beloeb1 = 28
beloeb1 = 0.002800 // The out put should be 0.002900

I need the logic, that which will round the double value upto 4 decimal part.
If any one know other logic for rounding the double value upto 4 decimals, please help me.

thanks in advance.

you just posted this problem yesterday, and I answered it.

if the answer is not sufficient, please continue to address your questions in your original post. Please don't clutter up the forums with multiple threads on the same problem.


Actually, no you didn't...

Au contraire, mon frere.

your response, on the other hand, needs to be reviewed

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