private: delegate System::Void delegate_function(void);

AsyncCallback ^ac = gcnew AsyncCallback(&WCS::MainForm::delegate_function_callback);
delegate_function ^df = gcnew delegate_function(this, &WCS::MainForm::function_to_invoke);

System::IAsyncResult ^asyncresult;

//Begin invoke command here.
	asyncresult = df->BeginInvoke(ac, df);
	//asyncresult = this->statusLight->BeginInvoke(ac, df);
	//df->DynamicInvoke(ac, df);
catch (...)
	std::cerr << "caught";

public: System::Void function_to_invoke()
	this->statusLight->BackColor = DataClass->getlight();
	this->statusLight1->BackColor = DataClass->getight1();
	this->butCheck->Enabled = DataClass->getenable();
	this->status->Text = DataClass->getstatus();                    //this line returns instead of finishing
	this->status1->Text = DataClass->getstatus1();

private: static System::Void delegate_function_callback(System::IAsyncResult ^asyncresult)
	//delegate_function ^df = gcnew delegate_function(&WCS::MainForm::function_to_invoke);

I am at my wits end with this. The invoke works the first time through, but when all this gets called again, it doesnt get past the line marked above in function_to_invoke. It also throws an exception after the first time. First time works perfect, half works any time after. Please help if you know anything, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You've got a question about that are do you just like posting code? :P

Hit the button too early, I edited it. :)

I'm not into windowsprogramming, but shouldn't you dispose() 'df' somewhere before using it again?

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