I am currently taking shell scripting online, my professor has emphasized again and again not to use csh. I haven't learn in depth the difference between csh and sh yet. Can anyone explain abit what is the major difference? a little example please if possible.. thanks

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Hey there,

I have a feeling I know where he's coming from with his insistence on shying away from csh and starting with sh. Check out the man pages for both shells and look for the part regarding "output redirection." At the most basic it's very similar (echo hi >FILE, etc), but if you get into the stuff that's going to be confusing anyway, it's been my experience that csh isn't worth it.

The one good thing I like about csh is its built in c-like functionality for running stat-like calls against files, etc. It's much easier in that respect.

Hope this was more enlightening than confusing ;)

Best wishes,


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