ok heres the deal...
i took a C++ class as an undergrad WAAAAAY back in the day and have forgot almost all of it. i recently DLed a C++ program that came with several files. i have tried to run this program to see if i obtain the same results they do in their paper. the files are as follows:

Main.cc: contains the main time loop
Header.h: contains some function definitions
Variables.h: definition of object containing all state variables
Variables.cc: creation of object, writing of state backups
Step.cc: computes a single time step

-can be found at:

i am using the Dev-C++ program with no modifications. i loaded up the file Main.cc and tried to compile it but it came up with a few errors including several link errors. among the source code files is a text file called makefile.txt that seems to have paths (links) to the source files, but i have no clue how to make the compiler look in the makefile.txt. any help would be greatly appreciated. i have been lookin at tons of tutorials and introductions to C++ but can't seem to find anything relevant to my problem. Thanks.


First of all what compiler are u using? I am a newbie at programming and studying it through an institute. The Dev C++ program has got al lot of errors and the one main error that most of the students that, are studying at the same institute, complained about r link errors. U got to set up the program through the tools -> complier options -> directories.

go to binaries and type the following
c:\folder name\devcpp\bin
c:\ folder name\your compiler\bin

go to the libraries and type the same as above but instead of bin at type lib
go to c include and type the same again but instead of lib type include
go to c++ includes type C:\yourfolder\devcpp\include\c++
and then type C:\your folder\devcpp\include\c++\mingw32 (mingw32 is part of the complier i am not sure about this)
type the following C:\your folder\devcpp\include\c++\backward
type C:\unisa\devcpp\include

I hope this helps to find makefile.txt files I am not sure what you mean but there is a library called the fstream libraries. If this is what you want i could give you some info from some books that i have.

nm, figured it out; had to create a project to link source files and stuff.

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