I'm new in this forum and i have some problems in school.
I'm from Germany and my teacher gave me the task to install a dart game in Python.
Now i have not much time left.
So i want you to ask if you could maybe help me with a template or something like that?!
Our teacher really has no idea from all the things we do...
He only reads the tutorial's and recite them to us.
Would be very happy if you could help me.

P.S.:Sorry, but my english is not the best :(

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Is your dart game just a console game where the location the dart lands is a random pick?

Because if you need to do a graphical game, I'm not entirely sure you have enough time to learn PyGame.

Although I suppose it'd be very easy to modify chimp.py to suit your needs.

Its a dart game which is just a console game where the location the dart lands is a random pick!But if I want to get a good mark it has to be a graphical game...If someone could help me with a link or a way to solve it, it would be great...i know that you may not have much time...but it would be very very nice of you!
PLEASE HELP ME!I have not much time left!

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