I just recently started coding and have really taken quite a liking to it. I enjoy it very much and hope to get better as soon as possible. I have a couple questions that I would like an answer to start me off.

1. I want to write a program that will allow me to have two different types of characters that will be allowed different "skills," what I mean by this is simply what type of things should I look into to learn it? Objects for the two characters? would all the "skills" be part of a string in the object?
I only want to know about how I should do the characters, the rest I am going to look into and learn myself. If it does not make sense, I am sorry and as I said, novice coder so any advice is GREATLY appreciated.

2. My second question is I want to write a calender program with the 12 months that will display the days and me be able to choose a date and it open like a notepad type deal to take notes/write things/etc. My question about this is what should I write the 12 months as and what type of things should I read into about saving data to a date? Again, any advice or tips is GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

1) Study c++ classes. You can create a character class that contains all sorts of skills or data types.

2) Study c++ classes. You can create a calendar that contains whatever dates or data types you want. Also study fstream class to save and read back the data to/from data files.

I realize my answers above are very broad. At your level of understanding you need to get at least a basic understanding/knowledge of the c++ language before diving off the deep end with projects are are too difficult for you. Take your time, and you won't be disappointed.

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