I'm student in Faculty of Computer and Information , Cairo University

I'm working in project

The Project Specification :

1- load 3D Environment
2- enable the user to interact with surrounded environmnet
3- the environment content painter stand that enable the user to draw on it

The Problem:

I get x , y when the user press on screen from java 2D
but I need to convert it to 3D to can draw on painter stand

some one advice me to use GLSL
but when I try small example of it I get NumberFormatException

I just need to draw in stand in 3D Environment

so please if any one can help me

Thanks in Advance

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You should reconsider this point of specifications

2- enable the user to interact with surrounded environmnet

Do you really think user would want only simply click in one place to get somewhere in 3d environment? Didn't you do anything 3d software? Don't you play games?


please if anyone can help us draw a point in 2D then translate it to 3D coordinates or any other alternative that enables us to draw over stand in 3D Environment, please comment :)

thanks in advance

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