Hi to all. i am darryl Nuyda from a native country philippines, i'm here your site to participate and need your help.

I'm a sophomore student of information technology. am here in your site, to need a help for my Java application using J FRAME . I'm a newbies, this is my first time to take a Java. i have a project in that subject, my project is Calculator using in Java,. my problems is how to program of that, please help me... God Bless

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my question is in a java programming, how to programm a calculator in java.. please help me..


thanks guys for welcome in your site..
may i have a favor where can i ask for help regarding the calculator system in Java.



I assume this is a GUI application, in which case you'll need to get familiar with Java Swing. You'll probably want to create a JFrame, then add at least one JTextField and quite a few JButtons to the JFrame to create the calculator. You'll need to either set up a LayoutManager or use a drag and drop tool from a Java IDE like NetBeans (there are other IDEs too) where you can drag and drop the components onto your JFrame. You'll need to set up an ActionListener for each JButton.


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