Hi all
I am developing a simple socket application which fetch a given URL from the web and save it in the local hard drive. But my internet connection goes through a proxy and I would like to know that what is the connecting URL and the port for my socket. It is ip /port of the proxy or is it ip/port of the URL


well, this question donst even make any sense, how will we know what IP and the port address you URL uses. when you enter your URL that get resolved y your DNS. If you are looking for the IP address ofthta url, try pinging to that url you will get the IP address. Apart from that port and stuff you should be know. The proxy server details in within your network and we dont know how you have implemeneted your network and no way we could gie you any IP or the details of the proxy server on your network, unless you can give us some more infromation. If you are working on a company or something ask you help desk people theyu might be knowing where the proxy server is and its complete details may be then you can bypass it.


if youre trying to connect to a URL via sockets, the IP and port you need to bind to is the URL itself, not the proxy through which you connect to the URL