I've started programming a few months ago, i've done basic before, then i tried pascal for a while but now i'm comfortable with C++. The problem is, i'm trying to learn as much as i can from the net and books, but i can't find a good book i could actually learn how to make complicated algorithms required by the problems found on coding competitions (by that i mean stuff like "mark has a garden that is triangle-shaped, the coordinates of the points are given in the input, also the coordinates of the trees. if one tree is closer than n meters to the other it must be removed, print the coordinates of the trees to be removed" and stuff like that (i made this one up)). Are there any books on such problems and solving them? cause i'm kinda not into studying c++ primer-like books cause i need the logical stuff more.

you could just google for c++ algorithms to get a list of good books. And did you read the Read Me threads at the top of this C++ forum ? It has lots of book suggestions.

yup, i looked through but all the books i've seen there look like i can learn the syntax from it... syntax aint the problem...algorithms are

Lots of good problems from the ACM annual college programming team contest at this link. Many of these are algorithmic problems. The website layout can be a little counter-intuitive, but a few clicks will get you to some problems. It's not really a guide on how to approach the problems using C++; it's just the problems themselves. As far as how to approach algorithmic problems, you may want to grab an Algorithms and/or Game Theory textbook. I'm sure there are C++-specific Algorithm/Game Theory books out there, but I don't know what they are.