I need to do something like this:
for ex. if the N is 12 then, i will produce strings like "001" "002" "003" "004" ... "012"
if the N is 6 then, I will produce strings like "01" "02" ... "06"
is it possible to do that with standart string functions in C ?

For example ... printf("%03d", 12); prints:



thanks very much. but actually, i need to do that dynamically. i mean, i can't know if it would be "%3d" at first...

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Use '*' instead of a fixed number and you can supply the length in the parameter list
see printf() -> "width"

thanks..that solved the problem:
int N=12;
char buf[10];

This is the C++ forum. Are you sure you mean C functions and not C++?

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