I'm starting out Java development, and I want to know exactly what I need to download. I believe I need to download the JVM, but what else? And I know there are IDEs like NetBeans where you can just press a button to build and/or run the program, but what other piece of software would I need to execute a Java program (not including the text-editor)?

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If you get a JDK package you will be able to compile / run your java program (D, development). If you only need to run the applications, you can just get the JRE instead (RE, runtime environment).

But as you said, if you download and IDE like netbeans, it will give you the option to bundle in the JDK. This would probably make your life a bit easier.


And if you look through the Read Me: Getting Started thread stickied at the top of the forum you will find more help info and links on this.

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