Hi...i m new to java....
problem defination:---
Book store is basically a collection of variety of books. Store has various sections like art, world history, literature technical, and so on. All books are categorized in to one of these sections. User should be able add/modify/remove sections and books. On selection of a particular section, user should see the section details along with the list of books in the section. Similarly on selection of a book user should see the book details like book title, author, brief description of a book, price etc.

To do this program what should i use means
should i use jdbc or list or arrylist or any other ???
How to do this??

you're the one who were given the task, so I think you know that better than us.
for instance, what you state here, says nowhere that there is a database involved. if not, why would you want to use jdbc???

I don't know what limitations were set for (for instance) the number of sections, or the number of books in each section, so maybe an array is all you need.

You will need a database, if you are doing a more advanced course.
If you need to store the data somewhere, so the next time you run the application you will have them back. then you could use a database.
But if you want to keep thinks simple, you could save the information in .txt files, and write a class that reads/writes from that file.

If you don't want to save anything then the above are not necessary. But you will need an ArrayList or Vector