hi all,i have to write a basic c++ program that has to contain all of the following aspects but i am unable to use bank accounts (or
any type of account).i am just looking for any general ideas. the actual functionality of the program can be relatively simple.
thanks very much,

1. Over-loading
2. Over-riding
3. Inheritance
4. Separate compilation
5. Friend methods
6. Abstract classes
7. Multiple Constructors (including a modified copy
8. A destructor with some functionality
9. Correct use of all access modifiers
10. Correct use of an over-loaded operator
11. Operations on pointers to objects
12. Virtual and non-virtual methods
13. A demonstration of dynamic binding
14. The use of new and delete
15. Static local variables
16. Arrays of objects and pointer operations on arrays
17. A simple template
18. Passing an object to a method by const reference
19. Use of the Vector container
20. Use of a simple iterator

i am just looking for any general ideas.

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