hi there guys.
i want to design a system for a company. i want my program to have 2 toolbar Above and right hand of the main Form . i mean i want to have two stable menu which are not changed during the code and a main form which change for every page(like facebook).
so i want to design those two stable menus once and put every form which I'll create in it. how can i do it? i heard that with MDI Parrent it would be possible. is it right. if so , how , and if not , again how?
(i attach an image file to the post , so please take a look at that )

thanks for your advanced Helps

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If you're talking about Web Apps then you should use the Master Page.

And if is Windows Apps the I would fallow the same idea by loading forms or user controsl inside the 'Master Form'. Also you can use a tab control and play with ther propery of the tabs TabControl.Appearance.

Hope this help,


hi there again , sorry for insufficient information i gave , i mean Windows Application Form.

thanks for Advanced Helps

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