Hello All,

I am trying from a Fortran program, to call a subroutine that I wrote in C...I named the C code file as filename.c and the subroutine is: void filename()

Now in a fortran program, I am calling this subroutine as: Call filename()

I am getting the following error:

fortcom: Error: subrts_Hamact_Lanczos.f, line 1267: This scalar name is invalid in this context. [FILENAME]
call filename()
compilation aborted for subrts_Hamact_Lanczos.f (code 1)
make: *** [subrts_Hamact_Lanczos.o] Error 1

Can anyone guide me on this? How can I call an external C subroutine from fortran ?


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Did you try to use a different name? Is filename a reserved word in FORTRAN (and is FORTRAN case-insensitive) ?

Also, did you make the C function the correct calling convention for FORTRAN? Here are the available options.

Strictly speaking, it's off topic message about Fortran language implementation, not about C language.
It would appear you have Intel Fortran (former CVF) compiler. See this Fortran implementation reference manual (you may download it via
), compiler directives for external procedures on C. As far as I know you must declare interface in your Fortran program:

!DEC$ ATTRIBUTES C, ALIAS::"filename"::cfilename

I have no CVF so try as is or (better) consult on fortran forum(s)...

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