i have one notepad file. if i right click that shows "open with" option. in that option i want to show all .exe files. don't want to "choose default programs" option. can anyone help me plz how to get that. plz.... if i developed 1 c#.net application. after i wil make exe. that exe should comes under "open with" option automaticaly. without using "choose default program" option.plz help me. advance thanks

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I don't quite get your quetion. Can you post some code?.


no code for this. its based on registry. u know wel "open with" option. when u click that option it wil generate list and "choose default program" option also.
my ? like
1. automaticaly the all exe file should add to "open with" list.
2. dont want to select program from "choose default program " option. without using this option. whenever u click "open with' option, recent exe also should add to "open with" list

3.otherwise.imagine like "open with" option -> there is no "choose default progr' opttion. so how to select programs like notepad, wordpad. not possible. so if u making entry for all exe program to "open with" list means v can select from this list itself. not nescary for "Choose default" opion. i think u can understand ? am sending. plz give reply to me. advance thanks


register the file type on your registry...

thanks for reply. but i dont the registry. if u know send me plz.

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