hi all, I m making a project in VC# for Airlines reservation. I have taken two comboboxes.
one for source city and 1 for destination. i want that the values in the destination combobox must be add according to the value in source combobox. e.g. If i select New York in Source ComboBox then only that values must come in Destination to which flight goes to from New York.
hope u understood my problem.
Thanx in advance

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For connecting with the backend database you need ADO.NET, although you can use LINQ tp SQL to. It's your call. An you can add values dinamically to the ComboBox like this




Here is my solution
1. You load source city into the 1st ComboBox.

DataTable dataTable = GetDataTable("Select * from City");
    cmb.Datasource = dataTable;
    cmb.DisplayMember = columnTitle;
    cmb.ValueMember = columnValue;

2. Add event Select Change to that ComboBox
3. When the item into that one changed, you can get the value and find "the values in the destination combobox".
ex: Select * from DestinationTable where ID = value

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