Hi to all I'm writing an ActiveX in C#, I found a great tutorial in:
The problem is that my ActiveX should create a folder and do some another actions in the Client machine, according what I know when the user allow using ActiveX, the ActiveX has permissions to do every thing. When I click on the button that should create the folder I receive an error:
Application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission, contact your system administrator, or use the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration tool.
See attached picture.
What I should perform, to allow to ActiveX to run properly?
Thanks in advanced.

Yes, according to your .net security, you don't give the user permissions to access protected resources, configure it from Control panel->Administrative tools->Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration.
You may need to configure the zone of the application, work around this you'll solve this problem :)

Hi, thanks for response.
But still I have the same problem.
What I don't understand is, I should give permissions to my ActiveX in my computer? What will happen when user runs the ActiveX in his computer?
BTW - I open the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration and I don't know what to change.
Any Ideas?

Hi ,

I am new to c# , I want to know how to develop ActiveXControls in c# ,Can you let me know some samples if you have.

My Requirement is : to run an Exe which is residing on the Client machine .

I.e in the web page i will ask the user to select the exe path (in to a text box),
and on click of a button in webpage i want to run the exe which is on client machine(path will be in the text box)

can you tell me how to achieve this ,(Is it require activeX .. etc)