Dear Group,
I am getting some questions on doing Web Pages in Python.
I have some interactive codes in python for which I like to make web pages.
I am trying to use kid.
Kid I learnt, and is easy, too.
My questions are:
i) Am I going correct?
ii) Is there any language other than kid?
iii) The worked out examples of kid are not opening properly, is there any other URL where I can see them.
iv) Can cgi scripting be done with kid?
If any one can spend time on my questions.
Best Regards,

NB: In my last posting I got a warning, if the moderator can kindly point out my mistake and its remedy.

Hi Subhabrata. I'm not sure if I'm answering your question correctly, but maybe it can point you in the right direction. You may want to look at a few Python based web application frameworks. Use the link (Wikipedia) below.

They range from basic to complex (IMHO). For simple python server page style code, my personal favorites are Web2Py ( ) and Karrigel ( ) . Django & TurboGears are quite popular & have multiple books & tutorials available, but they may be overkill for simple applications. Good luck! (Excuse me if I posted stuff you already know).