I have an xml file, corresponding to an xsd. If there some tool, which would take this xml and xsd and give me an object. And also take the object and xsd and give me xml.

I read about couple of tools like JAXB, xstrem and xmlBeans.
The issue i have with them, is they make their own classes, i want to use classes which i have already defined by my object. And it's not similar to the ones they create.

Is there any other tool, which also takes classes and use that for object?


you could write your own XML parser with SAX or DOM, i'm not sure but i think DOM is the one that allows XSD, but i haven't messed around with it much :(

hope it helps :)

Yes, writing parser is always an option. Looks like i would have to do that only.
But was just wondering if there is a tool, which would do all the work :).


well there are parser generation programs, that probably will do it for you

This sounds good. Any suggestions for parser generator tool?


the only generation tool that i can think of at the moment is JavaCC, but i know there are more of them, try google for more options, if parser generator doesn't turn up anything you want try adding xml to it

Yeah, i was just looking for different ways for solving this problem.
I am thinking of using jaxb for object to xml, and use parser to change map objects.

For xml to object, looks like i'd have to do a complete parser.

Thanks for your help!