Attempting to connect HSQL db by calling a config file from a java command line. However, receiving the following error message:

Failed to retrieve connection info for database 'personal': Please set up authentication file 'C:\Documents and Settings\user\sqltool.rc'

Here's a sample of the command:

java -jar \pathto\hsqldb.jar personal /pathto/Export_Data.sql 2>err.txt

The config file, sqltool.rc is setup as follows:

urlid personal
url jdbc:hsqldb:file:pathto/MyDB1;shutdown=true
username sa

any help is appreciated.

Changed command and was able to gain access to the config file, however, now receiving error w/ authenitication parameters. Here's the error rec'v:

Failed to retrieve connection info for database 'urlid': url or username or password not set for
'urlid' in file '\path\to\sqltool.rc'

The changed command is as follows:

java -jar /path/to/hsqldb.jar --rcfile /path/to/sqltool.rc urlid personal /path/to/Export_Data.sql 2>err.txt

The parameters in the config file for authentication are:

# A personal, local, persistent database 
urlid personal
url jdbc:hsqldb:file:/path/to/database/MyDB1;shutdown=true
username sa

My guess is that the password needs to be filled but a password is not required for HSQL

any help is appreciated.

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