I am trying to create a program that finds the GCD of two numbers using the brute force...
So far i have this but my problem (I hope) is that i cant get the value of g into int main()
Here is my program. Any suggestions?

#include <cstdio>
#include "simpio.h"
#include "strlib.h"

int GCD(int x, int y)
	int g;

	g = x;
	while (x % g != 0 || y % g != 0)

int main()
  int n1,n2;

  printf("1st number = ");

  printf("2nd number = ");

  printf("The GCD of %d and %d is %d",n1,n2,GCD(g));

  return 0;
printf("The GCD of %d and %d is %d",n1,n2,GCD(g));

Try this instead

printf("The GCD of %d and %d is %d",n1,n2,GCD(n1,n2));

In main:

int result;

result = GCD( n1, n2);
printf("result = %d\n", result);

>> g = x ;
g has to be least of the 2 numbers rather than simply x for the code to be faster.
Why brute force?

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