Hi, I have a console application that works fine. The users puts in the path of a folder and my program looks at every file in that folder. This is exactly what I wanted only now I'm moving it over into a GUI. Im using borland c++ builder 6 and I am looking at their preset dialog functions. The one I'm looking at is the 'opendialog' which I thought would be perfect however it will only open up files, it wont simply let me browse to a folder and grab hold of that, it just opens up the folder. I hope ive explained myself well enough and I was hoping that any of you guys may know a way to solve my problem without making the user actually write the path of the folder into an input box on my GUI


That looks very useful but as far as writing my own I wouldn't know where to start unfortunately :(

start by looking at that link I posted -- they give you all the source code. You will probably have to strip out the MFC stuff and use whatever your compiler supplies. I'm certain it supports TreeView, which is a standard win32 api window type.

As fas as finding the folder names I suppose it uses FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() to locate the folder names.

I've been studying that website and I still cant find out whats going on. Im new to borland c++builder 6 and usually work in command line. It does have a tree view pane item that I can add onto my form but Im not sure how to work it at all. Do you know of any resources out there like guides or something I can can have a look at to see how it works a bit more because i have a feeling that this isnt going to be one of those things I can blag my way through


Isn't it named TTreeView or something like that? Then just google for it and you should find the information you need about how to use it.

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