hi guys i ask for help but know one responded, so i figured i will ask again.

this is the first problem and why i can't print out a rectangle, triangle and diamond. i need know what am i doing wrong with both of these questions.

someone please help me.

#include <iostream>
    #include "stdafx.h"
    void DoRectangle();

    int main()

         void DoRectangle();
            int height, width, i;
            char symbol;
            char response;
            int shape;

        cout<< " Do you wish to create a shape?:";
        cin>> response;
        cout<< " Enter 'Y' for yes, and 'N' for no:";

        cout<<" enter a shape to create:";
        cin>> shape;

            cout<<" Enter rectangle width:";
            cin>> width;
            cout<< "Enter rectangle height:";
            cin>> height;

            cout<<" enter any character to be displayed:";
            cin>> symbol;

            for( i=1, i<=height, i++)

        return (0);

for the second problem this is what i have. what am i doing wrong

this is an ARRAY problem.

#include "stdafx.h"
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    int main()

        int num; 
        int avg;
        int num;
        int testscore1, testscore2, testscore3;
        const int SIZE =3;
        char terminate;

        cout<<"enter testscore1:";
        cin>> num;

        cout<<" enter testscore2:";
        cin>> num[82.2];

        cout<<"enter testscore3:";
        cin>> num[97.8];

        avg = (testscore1 + testscore2 + testscore3)/3;

        cout<< "the average is"<< avg << "\n";

        cout<<"Enter any character to terminate:";
        cin>> terminate;

        return 0;
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>know one responded, so i figured i will ask again
You figured wrong. Asking again is rude. Asking again in a new thread is even worse.

>why i can't print out a rectangle, triangle and diamond
The evidence suggests that you're lazy. Here's a hint: Use nested loops so that you have control over columns as well as rows.

>for the second problem
num is not an array, and array subscripts have to be integral unless you can come up with a definition of arrays where floating-point indices make sense and can sell it to ISO for standardization.