I haven't posted in a while as i've been getting better and better at solving problems myself but im starting a new project.

Basically what it does:
- Runs continuously in the background - Done

- When IE or Firefox is opened it begins the main loop - Needing process functions

- Gets the handle for the main browser screen and then continuously searches for a keyword if that word is found it closes the browser - How does one search the screen?

This sounds like a tricky project, for your first question, try looking up windows hooks. It is most lightly what your looking for. For your second quesion I think you have to scan through each child window, mabey by using EnumChildWindows with the web browser and somehow read each word, mabey the GetWindowText function or WM_GETTEXT might be what your looking for, but they┬┤re might be other (better) ways.

I hope this helps.