I have a project where the user has to input a range of questions along with the question numbers. (So the number of questions is not fixed.) I am using a panel where i am adding the dynamically created textboxes. The textboxes are created with the user clicks an image button.
So far so good.
now i want to store the questions entered by the user in a databaase, how can i achieve this?
Also if the user creates and enters the data in the textbox, and later when he returns, i wld like to show the data previuosly entered by him, how can i achive this?
Thank in advance

set the Name property of the textboxes to a common name and increment with numbers, for example, "txtQuestion1", "txtQuestion2", etc.

Then later you can iterate through the Controls collection (through the Form or whatever is holding the textboxes) and if the name starts with "txtQuestion" for example, take it's Text value and store it.

To load the values just do the process backwards, setting the Text property to "txtQuestion" boxes (or as you create them).

Hope that helps a bit

Hi, Also try DataGridView Control to add the Questions and Answer.