How can we print the output of the program(which is in the black environment, dos form)in the c++ visual studio 6 compiler?

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>How can we print the output of the program
Print to a printer device, you mean? There are probably issues involved that you aren't aware of, so writing directly to a printer stream isn't the best idea. It would be much better to search your documentation to find a nice, happy way of printing data. There are several naive approaches though. The first is using the nonstandard stream stdprn, though I don't believe it's available in Visual Studio 6. The other common option is opening your own stream with the files "PRN" or "LPT1", which "PRN:" and LPT1:" as alternatives if the first two don't work. But if you can find a printer interface API in your compiler's libraries, that would be preferable.


if u want to print the output of the program(which is in the black environment, dos form ..then open the output window which is in the block evironment...then dispay the output and then press ALT+SPACE ...then press Edit....then press Mark..and higlight all the output which u want to print...and then press ENTER....(Press Enter to copy the selected text)

Then close the output window..then open Notepad and then paste The output u copied into the notepad... then after u copy the selected text to the notepad...then press File and then press Print........I hope u understood what i told ya...

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