Hi, I need to check keys pressed in another process. How can I it reach? I'm writing simple utility for linux/debian, which runs video player in process no.1. On background is another process, which will read pressed keys and will interact with the 1st process. Problem is, that it cant be solved thru threads - the player is executed by system() function, which runs new shell. So the my key's reader must be separate process.

Thank very much for your help,

What about making the foreground process as observer of background process?

How do u mean this? Make the video player as background and the controller process on foreground. It's possible, but problem is, that I don't know how to read keyboard. I'm a Windows programmer... I don't know, which library, class or function to use for listening events. And also don't know, how to switch process to background/foreground. Could you give me a clue or some useful web link?

Thanx very much

use sockets (or pipes) to communicate keystrokes from one process to the other.