I just want to count files of particular type (like *.txt) in a folder.

I searched net and found this for all files count :
file_count = len(os.walk(valid_path).next()[2])

But I need perticuler type like *.txt . (means how many .txt files in folder)

How to do this ?
Thanks in advance.

You can filter the list like this

file_count = len([f for f in os.walk(".").next()[2] if f[-4:] == ".txt"])

Thanks it works.. but I want the number... not the file list

Be aware that your file extension may not always be .txt, but also could be be .TXT or .tXt or txT or such. To get a full count of all of these mixed case extensions it is best to use module glob ...

# to also count mixed case file extensions like .TXT or .Txt etc.
# use module glob ...
import glob

# use current directory
# or change with os.chdir(directory_name)
print "Number of .txt files =", len(glob.glob("*.txt"))

I prefer this method

import os
path = ('c:\\stuff\\countfiles\\')
print "Counting all .txt files in: " + path
for files in os.listdir(path):
    if files.endswith('.txt'):
        print "\nFile #" + str(x) + ": " + files
print "\nTotal number of .txt files in: " + path + " -"
print x

try this:

import os, sys
print "Total: %d .txt files" % len(map(lambda f: sys.stdout.write(f+"\n"),sorted(filter(lambda f: f.endswith(".txt"), os.listdir(".")))))
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