Could anyone help me with the following:

Consider the microwave oven in your kitchen, using the object-oriented thinking described above.

Create a table with the following four column headings:
Top-Level Objects
Communicates With
Incoming Messages
Outgoing Messages.

Identity the top-level objects of the microwave.

Explain some of the graphical user interfaces (GUI's) and communications messages that occur during the operation of a microwave.

Describe some of the advantages of

Thank you.

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1. I can't help you, because I don't know "the object-oriented thinking described above"
2. I won't help you, because it's your homework and not mine


This is a prime example of how I see some students graduate in computer science and don't understand basic object oriented programming concepts. You need to figure this out yourself. Of course if you try and have most of it worked out but are hung up on something very specific and need help then by all means, ask questions and learn - but just asking for us to answer the entire question for you means you learn nothing and pollute the computer science world with people who can't code and can't understand basic programming principles.

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Absolutely! Well said.
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