I am working with a MDI in my program. I use .cpp
to compile although I program primarily with api's.
I'm not sure whether that places me in C++ or
Windows threads. Since using .cpp I have to obey C++
rules so I'll list my thread in the C++ area. Feel
free to move my thread if you are so inclined.

I normally compile with a Borland BCC32 compiler. So
much for background.

My problem was a stupid move on my part. When
creating my MDI Client Window I came across either
a style setting or something similar that allowed me to
change the size of the Client Window.

Without that WM_,SWP_,CS_, or other, the Client Window
cannot be sized by moving the edge like the child
windows can. I deleted off that particular item assuming
I could just find it and pop it back on if I needed it.
WRONG! I can't find it anywhere. If I hadn't personally
used it, I would swear it doesn't exist.

It had to be somewhere in WIN32.HLP but I'll be dog gone
if I can find it. I did a web search but most articles
are in vb or MFC and were no help.

Can anyone tell me the the correct item I'm looking for?
I would have sworn it was SWP_RESIZABLE but I've had no
luck finding that.

If one of you guys are proficient in MDI, e-mail me the
correct spelling to toolmanx@ij.net or stick the answser
in this thread or both.

If I understand you correctly, you need to look in your documentation at SetWindowPos() for the SWP_FOO flags.

Hope this helps.

Maybe your window is missing a style that enables its sizing.

I looked in SWP and all the WM's and other places I could think of. Like I said, if I had not
used it in the program I am working on and seen it work, I would think there is no such thing. This is why I am so ticked at myself. I assumed I could easily get it if I needed it. You know what assuming does.

For anyone following this thread, I am giving up. I have read through loads of .h's and
other help files to no avail. I worked around using my "found and then lost" style symbol by using SetWindowPos to adjust the MDI window to the desired size. Maybe some day I'll find it again.