Hi there!

My application is going very well... however, I have a couple questions... mainly, graphical stuff.

  • How do I make it so the application runs in full screen? (I know I can do it by changing the preferences in the command line, but that's the ghetto way...)
  • How do I make it so that the program doesn't run like a normal window? (doesn't show up on the task bar, et cetera..)
  • Can I remove the top bar? ([X], etc) What about the command ilne background, leaving just the text?
  • How would I make the text pretty? (so it glows, if possible?)

Thanks! If any of the above isn't possible, could you explain possible workarounds? Thanks a lot!

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first of all please post your code
and second from what youve said already you would need to use pygame

I have no code yet-- that's why I'm asking.

Pygame is for game engines, right? I don't want that.. I just want a transparent command line, without transparent text, basically.

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pygame isnt just for game engines it is the easiest programme to generate a full screen page and also if your application is going well then how can you not have any code?

Okay, thanks guys-- however, I found out how to make a Python file invisible, which ended up being good enough... thanks!

For the sake of others, simply rename the .py file to ".pyw". :)

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