Hello everyone,
I have started studying Java as a hobby but finding it a bit hard to understand.
I am in need of help from someone with knowledge of Java
If i could post you some questions about simple java programming i am trying to do, could you try please make these methods work so i can deconstruct what you have written and hopefully learn from your programming skills..
Many thanks


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If you are just starting Java, then you should look at this thread, Its been made sticky by the moderaors for you guys only.

hey even i'm studying java.u can ask me any question.it'll be my pleasure to help u and practise at the same time.

the best you can do, if you intend to use this forum, is to read the sticky thread, then to try to write some methods on your own and see if you can get them compiled and running.
if you don't completely understand the working, or you get error-messagess, than post your code on the forum (preferably using code tags [ code] you write your code here [ /code]) and ask for help with the part that troubles you

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