Hi all .
It is my first post ,please sorry if I do any mistake ,I am new in the programming field and want to learn programming language .so can you tell me that how I should start the python .or I would to say you that from where I should read the tute

please help me

hey please if you know about it

Try this best free book
also there is newbie tutorials at zetcode

For IDE to use with
Netbeans IDE (www.netbeans.org) with Nbpython plugin (www.nbpython.dev.java.net)
or you can use eclipse(I think it is www.eclipse.org) with pydev plugin (search it at www.sourceforge.net)

or you can use Wing ide 101 VERSION
here at www.wingware.com

Simple editors/IDEs includes
IDLE --- comes with python
Pspad ----Just google it!

Ready to go! Enjoy!