hi everyone,
im trying to run a linux script in java where it ask the user to input a password,then when suucessfully executed it prompts the user to enter the same password for verification,how can i do this in java,im using trilead to remotely access and execute command,im having problem when sending the password for verification.
im using sess.startshell();

thanks,any help will be much appreciated

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Here is link to an example, date in code header shows it is old, but may prove to be useful. Also here few more

but im using trilead,actually i can execute command as an su,but my problem is that when it prompts me for password again,it call a blank password eve i havent enter anything.any idea on how to do this..this is my code


if (Restart.equals("integration")) {
BufferedOutputStream  stdin = new BufferedOutputStream(sess.getStdin());

InputStream stdout = sess.getStdout();
InputStream stderr = sess.getStderr();

stdin.write(("su - postgres -c \"/etc/init.d/postgresql restart\"" + "\n").getBytes());
stdin.write((root_pass + "\n").getBytes());
stdin.write((root_pass + "\n").getBytes());
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