Hibernate: select trips0_.PERSONID as PERSONID1_, trips0_.TRIPID as TRIPID1_, trips0_.TRIPID as TRIPID1_0_, trips0_.PERSONID as PERSONID1_0_, trips0_.DEPDATE as DEPDATE1_0_, trips0_.DEPCITY as DEPCITY1_0_, trips0_.DESTCITY as DESTCITY1_0_, trips0_.TRIPTYPEID as TRIPTYPEID1_0_ from TRIP trips0_ where trips0_.PERSONID=?

I got this output(above) when I did a System.out on a List.
Does this make sense to you. I am trying to take this program apart (HibernateTravelApp) to see how it works.

Right now I am trying to figure out how my session bean is is interacting with the JSF,the object classes and the mapping.hbm.xml along with the session bean.

I have deducted that the JSF end simply fills in the table with a row of data. One row of data is understandable. Somehow it is incrementing through the database with the above query. maybe because of the xml that has the code that reads:
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<id column="PERSONID" name="personId">
<generator class="increment"/>

also I have not confirmed how the above SELECT statement got formed. I am in the process of trying to understand how the session bean methods are gathering the items to fill the query but the query itself (SELECT etc structure) must be implicit in some class.
If you could shed some light on the specifics of hbm I would appreciate it.


Ezzaral commented: Posting thread after thread with essentially the same questions. -2

it seem the code above is designating a primary key to use when the session bean loads classes and hibernate build the query and runs it and the JSF excepts it.

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