Hi all,

I am very new to Unix. Please help me to write a script.
Here is the discription of what the script should do:

The script won't need to be horribly complex; it's to check to see if the hawkagents(a process) on a server have been restarted since the last update to the Hawk rule files or the user variables file, and to generate an error message if they have not been.

-Please help me in finding last update time of a file.
-And last restarted time of a process.
-And how to capmare the date-time of above to times.

Thanks in advance.

Any particular "brand" of "unix"?
An awful lot of things claim to be "unix", even many things which only look like "unix".

Its Hp-Unix.

I think that is what you are asking.
And one thing the 'stat' command is not working on this unix box. Please help me.

Thanks for the response.

>date %s

is also not working in HP-UNIX.

Any response is highly appriciated.


What about
date '+%s'

same thing- it was written mistakly.

date "+%s"

is not working.

Any response is highly appriciated.


what I suggest:

I convert the date/time in secs using following command:

perl -e 'use Time::Local; my $time = timelocal(SS,MM,HH,DD,MM,YYYY); printf $time'

and then compare it.

Parsing last update time for any file is done by me using 'awk' and 'cut' command.

But I need to know a way find the start time of a process so that I can parse the date as I had done with the file.

In Sort I want a command to know that gives me startup time of a process so that I can parse it and can use it with perl command show above.